Regular Employment

Co-facilitator / External Collaborator
 International Training Center –ILO, Italy - Turin
Trainingand Development of KAB (Know-About-Business) for International Training Center – ILO, with ILO’s Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment Expert. Planning and Analysis for Pakistan’s technical education sector’s succession planning for TEVTAs by identifying entrepreneurial skills required in close collaboration with Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority – SMEDA, development of policy with STEVTA (Sindh TEVTA) and other stakeholders for introducing entrepreneurial programme, and curriculum development.




United Nations - ILO (Islamabad)
ILO’s (a specialized agency of United Nations Organization) programme with the Government of Sindh, Pakistan – Promoting Entrepreneurial mind-sets. The project’s basic aim is to alleviate poverty through self-sufficiency through research work within enterprise development, saturated job markets and technical business education in the region; pre-training awareness sessions with various groups of STEVTA Officials including senior management and other participating officials; and developing selection criteria and subsequently validating selection for fulfilling the criteria.




Business Faculty / Publications In Charge

Preston University, Ajman, UAE
University Lecturer for undergraduate students in Business English, Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking, with the Department of Business and Management Studies. Coordination and management of programmes like seminars, workshops, training sessions, product launch campaigns and educational trips.
Editor for the University newsletter (quarterly) and in charge for website and all publications: Year book, Brochures, Pamphlets.





Pinnacle Management Consultants, UAE
Human Resource Development and management of international and local appointments, assistance to expatriates for positions from different industries of work; cross-cultural workshops on team building; and knowledge management.






Gulf News, UAE
Critical comparison of copy with typesetter’s proof; Spot problems in technical quality, confusing punctuation, non-standard grammar, inconsistent writing style, deviations from specifications, and discrepancies such as mixed metaphors, incorrect arithmetic and factual errors. Completed SAP course and specialized in technical know-how, judgment, vigilance and a visual nitpicking ability ‘typographic eye’





Copy Writer

Ambiance Advertising, UAE
Development of corporate profiles; Brochures; Creative material for advertisements that included tag lines, captions and marketing strategy.






Short-term Assignments

  • Editorial Intern with The News, Lahore Pakistan to evaluate unsolicited manuscripts for potential publication, editing and proofreading of  layouts; research facts and respond to author inquiries; composing captions.
  • National Coordinator / Consultant with the Future Leaders of Pakistan – to create awareness through education and facilitate implementation; promoting the idea of entrepreneurship; Knowledge management; Supporting an engineered social change through ‘Skill Development’; Capacity building for responsive educational programmes; other philanthropic endeavors.
  • Anchorperson for a TV show based on socio-political issues in the world with special focus on Pakistan. The show is Kalam-e-Pakistan and is televised by Duniya News, a private Pakistani news channel. Freelance Writer/ Social Worker with a number of organizations.